Pregnancy Care

There’s a reason why it’s called labor. The road leading up to childbirth isn’t easy either, but if you’re expecting or are trying to get pregnant, we want to help you breathe a little easier. Whether you’re a mom who simply needs some pain relief in the lower back or you want to be proactive and maintain care throughout your pregnancy, we’ve got you covered. We even have pregnancy pillows just for moms so they can be adjusted lying down on their stomach if they choose.

Dr. Jeff Burrowes is fully certified in the Webster Technique through the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association. This is a specialized form of chiropractic adjustment for women to help minimize pain, not only during pregnancy but through childbirth and beyond. In fact, more and more women and birth providers are recognizing the many benefits associated with chiropractic care during pregnancy.


What exactly does the Webster Technique do?

This technique is a combination of special adjustments and a sacral analysis. The goal is to reduce the effects of sacral subluxations or S1 joint dysfunction, which is the triangle bone at the base of the spine.

How does it work?

The goal of these unique adjustments is to reduce the effects of sacral misalignments or S1 joint dysfunction, while also balancing pelvic muscles and ligaments. The mother is adjusted in a specific manner to target any misalignments of the pelvis including surrounding ligaments and muscles, which has proven to bring mom some much-needed relief.

Why would a pregnant mom choose the Webster Technique?

Because it’s an all-natural, safe technique that helps relieve specific joint pain related to pregnancy including pain in the lower back, buttocks, and legs. It works to improve proper nerve supply to the uterus, correct pelvic misalignment, and relax muscles or ligaments surrounding the pelvis in order to optimize the mom’s body for labor and delivery.

Can the Webster Technique work in turning a breech baby?

While this technique does not directly turn the baby, it helps to correct any sacral dysfunction by relaxing the pelvis and surrounding ligaments. These adjustments optimize the mom’s body giving the baby the best opportunity to get in the proper position for birth. This technique has proven it facilitates the correct environment to allow the birthing process to proceed as it naturally was created to.

Where are the S1 joints located?

The S1 joints make up the triangular shaped bone at the bottom of the spine, known as the sacrum. These joints connect the spine to the pelvis.