About Us

About Us

Home. Family. These are the things you’ll experience when you walk through our doors. For the 38 years that people have been walking through the doors of this building, they’ve felt right at home, and when Dr. Jeff took over with his mom by his side, that never changed.

Cedar Grove Family Chiropractic exists because we’ve always had one thing at the top of our priority list––helping people. We live for helping people get freedom from pain and to show them what true health is. Our mission is to empower families to take control of their own health with the goal in mind of seeing them reach their full health potential. This starts with the youngest baby to the wisest grandma. We have a place for everyone in the family.

Our natural solutions and adjustments work to free people from their pain and optimize their health. We believe the body can heal itself from the inside out, and what we do is simply help it do its job without the use of medication or risky surgery. Give us a call with any questions you may have. We’re here to help.

Meet The Doctor

Dr. Jeff Burrowes knew from the age of 14 years old that he wanted to be a chiropractor and help people. It all started from a fall his grandma had taken and when she was referred to a chiropractor she eventually ended up bringing her entire family. At the age of 14, Dr. Jeff got adjusted and he discovered his neck was not curved properly, so after some time in corrective care, he definitely felt the impact. He had more energy. He had more focus. He just felt better. This is a feeling he wanted other people to experience for themselves, so he had made up his mind to attend chiropractic school.

Dr. Jeff graduated from Lycoming College in Pennsylvania and went on to graduate from Life University chiropractic school in 1999. He enjoys running and has run 17 marathons. He has an active lifestyle and enjoys helping people anytime that he can. The cool part about Dr. Jeff’s story is that the very building he was adjusted in as a 14-year-old boy is the same practice he proudly owns today. His mom has worked there as a Chiropractic Assistant for 28 years and she works alongside her son today. It’s truly a full circle moment and he’s honored to do what he does.