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Healing Breakthroughs

Amber discusses being pregnant and getting adjusted

Amber, 1st time Mom, talks about getting adjusted while pregnant and how her labor was a lot shorter than her doctor expected....


Mom shares why she and her family are healthier

Tammy suffering with TMJ, low back pain and a child who seemed to always get sick shares how being under Chiropractic care changed her family's health...


Tried everything else for low back pain, finally found the solution

Charlie who suffered with low back for years and tried everything else, finally got help with Dr. Jeff at Cedar Grove family Chiropractic....


Came in for neck pain, got a lot more

Marguerite came in for neck pain and tingling in her arm. She has learned what she needs to do to get and stay health. She also went under went cancer...


Resolve of digestive and low back pain lead to a happier life

Jaime was suffering with digestive issues and back pain. Find out how she is living a happier health life....


Why would someone go to the Chiropractor for over 30 years?

Isabel was of the first patients at Cedar Grove Family Chiropractic. Hear her tell why she first came in but more importantly WHY she continues to get...


Care at Cedar Grove Family Chiropractic leads to Rob's healthy life

Rob started care at Cedar Grove Family Chiropractic at age 19. He feels great, gets sick less and leads an active lifestyle....


A couple who are under Chiropractic care together, stay healthy together

This amazing couple are excited to share their success stories with you and our wonderful team at Cedar Grove Chiropractic! Their low back pain and mi...


More energy, less pain at Cedar Grove Family Chiropractic

Kim, who has scoliosis, has found relief from her low back pain at Cedar Grove family Chiropractic. She now has more energy and is living a healthier ...


Find out how Hank's low back pain went away & life and health have improved

Hank talking with Dr. Jeff about his upper and lower back pain. Find out how his life and health have improved under Chiropractic care....


Lifestyle changes lead to better health

Dick first came in for low back pain. He has experience positive changes and mental changes which made an impact in his life after learning about the ...


Cedar Grove man went to Chiropractor for low back & his pneumonia disappeared

Pat talks about how his initial problem of low back pain resolved and how his annual pneumonia is non-existent....


How does he still hike, even though has had a bugling disc for 25 years?

Bill is a long time patient at Cedar Grove Family Chiropractic, who is living his life to the fullest....


4 year old tells why he likes Cedar Grove Family Chiropractic

Junior lets you know WHY he loves to get adjusted at Cedar Grove Family Chiropractic....


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